fetal position!

Hannah is over right now and we decided it was time to update my journal! so here we are! updating my journal! Right now! At this second! We watched Beauty and the beast and I felt an attraction to the Little Cup: Chip. Is that illegal? Maybe not in West Virginia. This week at school was semi-fun, but really tiring, I do say. I love Hannah like a fat kid loves cake! She's not making me say this (gun is put to head) She has duckies on her shirt, what a lil cutie patootie!

Ok so right now Hannah is gangsta rap dancing to the song "Get Low" by Lil Jon, what a silly goose! SILLY!!! Ahh the simple pleasures in life... listening to an upbeat song that demeans women... STOP and wiggle wit it! Oh, anyone who reads this isn't allowed to spread the word that Hannah is listening to gangsta rap, just keep it to yourself!  oh we are laving bye!!!

Ash and Hanz!

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I heat up, I can't cool down

Oh my gah! I haven't written forever and a day! I've been uber busy with school and friends and what not. Well school started last Thursday, which I have mixed feelings about, I don't really like a lot of the people, but that cuz everyone seems to busy for you, but our schedules have been confusing so I think once we get used to them it will be better. Also school has been boring cuz all they go over is like rules and stuff, but I had homework this weekend, I had to read in my science textbook and take notes on what I read, which sucked, cuz 1. I hate textbook work and 2. I HATE taking notes out of books. Oh well tho, it's not that long of an assignment so it's ok. This weekend was pretty uneventful, on Saturday I went to Stillwater with Hannah to look for presents for her mom's wedding and for Jim, we also got REALLY nummy Pina Colada's, or atleast I did she got a Chai Tea. WE ended up not getting anything but a skirt for each of us and a tank top for her. All in all we had fun tho. Then on Sunday (yesterday) Hannah and I went to the state fair with her mom and Jim, it was really fun especially after we ditched Jim and her mom, we went of the skyscraper that ride that costs like $25 a person! but it was really worth it! It was super fun, we also rode on the skyglider, you know that thing that brings you from one side of the fair to the other, that was fun! Anyway, yep, so today I Hannah came over and we made pancakes and watched the movie Center Stage, SUPER GOOD! then she left cuz it's a school night and here I am! Just got done with homework and writing in this thing. Tomorrow I have this class thing cuz I'm going to try-out for the musical 42nd Street at North! I hope I make it! Wish me luck, pray for me! thats all for now!
xxoo, Ash!
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Immune to your consultations...

Wow, I am SOOOO tired. Last night I went to a StuCo retreat which was a major blast! But we stayed up all night and then I came home this morning and I slept for like 3 hours then I had to wake up because otherwise I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. Anyway, yea the StuCo thing was a blast, we had a intense marshmallow fight which was really fun and Scott and I were like pelting each other point blank. Scott is such a sweetie though so he apologized if he hurt me. A bunch of us decided we were gunna play Texas Holdem too, so we each put in a couple bucks and it was winner takes all and I lost BIG TIME! Megan Chapdelaine won in the end even tho it's only because Scott and I were stealing chips from other people to give to her! The boys wanted to play sophmore/freshman strip poker but Katie Cochran said no, wut a fun wrecker huh? ;) yea we did a whole bunch of crap and in the end it was really fun, even tho I didn't expect it to be. So yea it was a good bonding experience. Now back to the real world and school. Oh I'm excited. NEW SCHOOL! OK well there ya go. Good Night!
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you tried so hard to be someone, that you forgot who are are

Hello All. Right now I'm in my pajamas wearing bright red lipstick. I love red and pink lipstick. I think they rock! Anyway today Hannah came over and we cleaned my room. It was quite a task! But we cleaned it totally spotless so now I'm happy. Then we decided to watch a movie but Adam kept bugging us so it took like 4 hours to watch a 90 minute movie! Also when we were watching it Justin told Adam online that he was gunna come over so that "Ty" could talk to Hannah and so we were expecting this really cool kid from Spring Lake Park, but when they showed up it was Tyler Dubois, who goes by Tyler not Ty. So we were really disapointed! I think Justin did it purposely to just so Hannah would talk to Tyler because he knows she has a friend named Ty! But oh well it's said and done, the point is, is that is was all very frustrating and blah! Then we made pizza and finished our movie and I tried on some clothes I got at the mall yesterday for Hannah, and I also showed her my new stillettos I bought, which she totally loved! Then she had to leave because she had to go to Tae Kwon Do and I went to my room and read and while I was reading two and a half hours went by which I thought it was like 45 minutes! So yep now I'm writing this, and that was my really eventful day, lol. Tomorrow I'm leaving on a Student Council Retreat and I hope I have fun but I don't know because I don't really like the people in Student Council, they are always like "we love bonding" but they never talk to anyone thats not in the same sport or grade as them and like that they have already met and it is all really high schoolish and I hate it, but I hope I have fun and this year is not like last year in StuCo where I didn't really have any friends, except Kate, and Kevin, and this year Kate hasn't gone to anything and Kevin has Steve. Anyway. Enough, good night!


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Oh my love, my darling...

Hello all, I'm not in a bad mood like I was yesterday, I'm still frustrated with everything but now Mike doesn't have to be scared of me, lol. Today I'm pretty sure I'm doing something with Jessi and Megan and maybe Hannah, I dunno then we are going to the pool party at the OLSON'S <--right Jess? That should be fun, Mrs. Olson always makes really good food...Yummy! I really need to go to the mall sometime, I have money that is just burning a hole in my pocket! Anyway not much going on, comment if you take that test and who you got!
Check yes, Ash.
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Stuck in a moment

Happy Birthday Megan!

Alright everyone, firstly it's Megan's B-Day! Now onto importante things! today I made muffins with Hannah! They were good! I also went over to Megan's house and brought her, her birthday presents from me: Water Wings, Toy Car, Chalk Board! Moslty joke stuff, but whatever. Oh I found out today that I can go to the Pool Party at the Olsens, My dad is driving and Sally is driving us home! Well I don't know why but I'm going to stop writing. Bye.

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